What my couples have to say...
Norma has a truly magical way with words.
She wrote our whole handfasting ceremony-and it was so wonderful!
It is something we will always remember; with the circle of rose petals,
the sharing of cake and the jumping of the broom.
My favorite part is how she included my son in the ceremony and made him feel that this
was about family and not just about Kevin and I.
It was everything we wanted and it said everything we believed about life,
love and the union of two people. 
Mr. and Mrs. Reilly
Fresno, Ca
married 2/28/03
For all perspective Brides & Grooms reading this:

We truly could not have been happier with our handfasting ceremony. 
Rev. Redd was extremely professional- as well as flexible. 
She was able to adapt the marriage to our unique situation, 
incorporating Buddhist beliefs into a traditional handfasting. 
It was beautiful! 
Rev. Smith is a rare gem!

Danielle and Jeremy Vitzthum
Pasco County, Fl
Dear Norma,
We want to thank you so much for
the great ceremony you put together for us!
How can I explain our feelings?
How about:
We LOVED our wedding day!!!
It was the best day of our life!!!
The vows were the most beautiful words-
they were just perfect for us!
You made it very personal and very easy.
The anxiety of the day was not an issue, you made
David and I very much at ease...
We couldn't have asked for a better day...
We will never forget it...
and again- We LOVED our wedding day!!

With much appreciation for a beautiful ceremony,
Pam and David
St. Petersburg, Fl
We were going CRAZY!--
Then we found Norma!
An ordained wedding officiant and a reverend, she's also a spiritual counselor, a mother of kids our age, and just plain cool.

On her card she promises to design creative, personalized ceremonies that reflect the essence of the love you are celebrating, and she's even better in person.

Funny and sassy, she's willing to help us strike a balance between our spiritual lives and the family members who ask, "You still doing that yoga stuff?"
Thanks Norma!
Peter & Tara
Tampa, Fl
Norma, thank you so much!!
You were just wonderful and the pics are great and you got them up so fast!!
The trellis was decorated so beautifully!
During the ceremony you were just on top of your game rolling with the unexpected.
We appreciate everything you and your husband have done for us, you really played a huge part in making our day special.
I'll tell ya, despite other vendors' contracts and promises, YOU were the only one to perform exactly as we requested and as was promised.
Please feel free to use us as a
reference if you need one.
We have nothing but wonderful things to say about you!
Love & Thanks
Dyana & Ryan
Port Richey, Fl
I HAVE to thank you for helping us make our ceremony absolutely perfect. It was everything we wanted!!!!!

You were fantastic and a perfect fit for the two of us.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
I am very fortunate to have Norma a part of me and my husband's special day. She was very flexible and went out of her way to accomodate us. Very pleased and would recommend to anyone.

THANK YOU so much for the beautiful pictures and the BEST DAY of OUR LIVES!!!!
It would not have EVER been the same without you...
also, thank your friend for assisting you with the pictures and video...
We are SO HAPPY!!!!
Bryce is back in Japan and I am getting ready
to start back at work until I go over to Sasebo with him....
Again, many thanks!!! Keep in touch...
The Hulletts- Nina & Bryce
When I began planning my wedding, the largest stressor for me was the ceremony.  Although my soon-to-be husband was spirituaI, he did not subscribe to any particular faith. However, his large family (the majority of whom were in the wedding) were Christian.   However, I am Wiccan/Neo-pagan in religious orientation, but my family is Christian as well.  Thus, the wording and ritual of our wedding ceremony was becoming quite a difficulty.   I tried to read all these books and do all this online research for ceremonies, however, between all the other wedding planning that needed to occur and my full time job, I lacked the time to draft a ceremony from scratch, especially since I had no clue what I was doing.

Then, I found Norma.   She was like a guardian angel and was definately sent from above to guide me through this important event.   She did such a superb and amazing job with everything.

She drafted an incredible ceremony for my husband and I, including every aspect of wording and ritual that was important to me.  The ceremony ended up being way more amazing and moving and touching than I had dreamed. I had all the wonderful Wiccan elements that I so badly needed and wanted; however, at the same time, our family and friends who attended were none the wiser that they were not attending a traditional marriage ceremony, did not feel uncomfortable, and, actually, did not even know the wedding was pagan and not christian....it even passed the tough scrutiny of my southern baptist grandmother. :-) 

Despite the fact that my husband and I totally missed the wedding rehearsal (due to traffic) and we had no idea what we were supposed to be doing during the ceremony, Norma guided my husband and I through everything.
The result was a beautiful and flawless ceremony that was absolutely so perfect.
I still am getting compliments on how wonderful the ceremony was and what an incredible job Norma did!
She was also there for wedding milestones for which I will be forever grateful.   For example, she blessed the handfasting cords prior to the ceremony, and she created an awesome music CD for my husband and I for our magical honeymoon in Ireland.   In addition to everything else she did, my husband and I received the most touching keepsake of our ceremony.
Norma created a lovely book with all of our vows in it, and she took it around during the reception and had our family and friends sign it and write messages.
When my husband and I were reading through that, we had tears of joy in our eyes, because we were not able to talk to or spend time with all of our guests, due to the size of the wedding.  It meant so much to us to have those little signatures and writings with our vows. 

I would recommend Norma again without hesitation.   I look forward to utilizing her services again when my husband and I have a child, for a 'christening/wiccaning.'
Looking back, I could not imagine my special day being anything as special as it was without having Norma there for us.

                                                                                                                                 Athena & Steve Barco
                                                                                                                                          Orlando, Fl
"Could not ask for more!!!!"

I found Norma three days before our wedding and was so excited she was sent to me. Not only was she available for our "quickie" wedding on
Pass-a-Grille Beach,
but she was 1000% professional from her phone calls, emails, pictures, photography, service, and keeping large families focused!
I would recommend her to anyone!!!
Thank you Norma !!!!

Mayra and Michael Vanacore
Seffner, Florida
A very magikal night and evening to remember! 
We got married on Halloween!

Norma went above and beyond for our wedding! She put so much Extra into it!
From the ceremony to the decorations- to the fabulous cake- A lot of thought and love went into our special day! Her pictures of our ceremony are outstanding! What she does with them is fabulous! She mades it very personal for both of us! We are going to use her for our reaffimation with our kids involved.
Norma is a very special person!

Maggie & Larry
Destin, Fl